Polish bookmakers require temporarily relieve the tax burden

Polish Association of employers and workers bookmaker industry urged the government to intervene and enable the sector to prevent job losses due to the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19).

 The industry association noted that the volume of transactions with interest rates declined by about 60% due to the cancellation of sporting events around the world. It is believed that the situation was aggravated by the fact that https://getcasinoslots.com/free-online-slots/cave-king-online-slot/ on March 14 in the country stopped work surface PPP BC.

 As a result of this situation, bookmakers lose money every day, and the ability to mitigate the closure of ground points available.

 The association claimed that the bookmakers will try to reduce the costs, including the expense of massive cuts. Operators often find themselves on the verge of bankruptcy. The situation may lead to the fact that the majority of people employed in the sector will lose their jobs. It is about 5 thousand. Workers.

 In addition, the tightening of the sector struggles with competitors representing the shadow segment of the gaming industry. According Superior Control Department (NIK), more than 51% of the total cost of operators pripadaet namely to such needs.

 The Association also added that the impact of a pandemic can have an effect on the state treasury. The annual turnover of the regulated gaming market in Poland amounts to 7 billion zlotys ($ 1.69 billion). At least 820 million zlotys goes to the treasury as a tax on gambling.

 To avoid the loss of jobs, as well as to preserve the volume of tax revenues to the association urged the government to reduce the tax rate for businesses with 12 to 10%, at least until August of this year.

 The association is also considered appropriate to postpone the payment of tax deductions for September. In normal mode, the taxes paid on a monthly basis.

 We answer that before the Polish Ministry of Finance has published the information on the reduction of the shadow segment of the gambling business to 18.5%. Below average in the European Union, the details – here.

 Recall that familiar with the turnover of licensed bookmakers Poland can be the link for the previous year.

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